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Lodging Options Image

Lodging Options

Basic Housing Options:

Cabins (Pine, Oak, Willow, Cedar, Elm):

Each of our five cabins have the ability to house up to 30 guests (12 beds per side, plus six in the counselor room).  There are two sides of each cabin, both sides have their own community bathroom with two showers, two stalled toilets, and two sinks along with accompanying mirrors. Every cabin also has a smaller counselor room that connects the two sides. This private room sleeps six people and is complete with a shower and private half bathroom. 

Cabin Floor Plan

Seldon Lodge:

Seldon Lodge can house up to 72 guests within six dorm-style rooms. Each room sleeps 12 people, but can be separated into two smaller rooms of six guests each. Every half room is complete with a full bathroom. A small meeting room is located in this building (more information here). This building has air conditioning and access to wifi.

Seldon Floor Plan Coming Soon!

Chamberlin Lodge:

Chamberlin Lodge has a guest capacity of 88 between its two floors. Each floor has ten rooms. Each floor has two sets of community bathrooms, containing a total of five showers, six toilets, and sinks and mirrors in each. Chamberlin also has a dining room and lobby, which can both double as meeting spaces (more information here).

Chamberlin Floor Plan


Luxury Housing Options:

Redwood/Magnolia Lodge:

Redwood and Magnolia Lodges are identical, hotel-style housing units. Either building can hold up to 56 guests. Each building has 14 rooms. Each room sleeps four people (two twin beds, bunked, and a full bed) and a full bathroom in each room. On the ground floor, two of the bedrooms are handicap-accessible with a larger room landing and handicap-enabled bathroom. Each room has individual heat and air conditioning. This housing option has a lobby on the ground floor that can double as a meeting space for small groups (more information here). 

Redwood/Magnolia Floor Plan


Private Housing Options:

Dogwood Lodge:

Dogwood Lodge is a quaint, single-story lodge. Between the three rooms, Dogwood sleeps ten people. Each room comes complete with a full, private bathroom. There is a small lobby that can double as a meeting space for small groups (more information here). It is also equipped with a mini-fridge, coffee maker, sink, and toaster oven. There is individual room heat and air conditioning and an indoor fireplace.

Dogwood Floor Plan

St. Clair: 

A fully furnished, private home with a common room, dining area, two bedrooms, and a private back porch oasis that can house up to six guests. Each of the bedrooms has access to a private, full bathroom. One of the bedrooms also features a twin bed with a trundle/pull out bunk to accommodate an extra guest. In St. Clair, you will find a natural fireplace and a kitchenette with a sink, microwave, mini fridge/freezer, and coffee pot.

St. Clair Floor Plan coming soon!